As the Alisters disband and Tom starts off on another adventure, he stopped off in Albuquerque to do a show at Duke City Harley Davidson, joining up with JJ and the Mystics to raise money and school supplies for local kids.

Tom would like to thank everyone at Duke City Harley Davidson and the guys in the band for learning his songs and jamming with him. Special thanks to Larry Genta, Karen Berry and Cherry Bomb Promotions. 

Look for more appearances soon from The Tom Proctor Band! 


“In Hollywood” is a stunner of a single from an undisputed country mastermind in Tom Proctor, who demonstrates just how genuine his depth of artistry really is in this song and refutes the very notion of a stage performer being tethered to but one medium alone. He transcends the limitations of the studio here, rolling out of the darkness and into our hearts on the whim of a sly vocal and emotive lyrics that hit close to home for anyone who has found themselves intoxicated by the bright lights of Los Angeles. I really hope that Proctor continues to develop this sound even more as time goes by and that he doesn’t end up putting this aspect of his life on the back burner anytime soon. He’s got an incredible skill set and a natural born talent to make it worthwhile, and personally I think that would be utterly criminal to waste.

Actor / Singer Tom Proctor has just signed with Wolf Entertainment founded by Hellmut Wolf for representation in Australia and Europe. Look for new announcements of upcoming projects coming soon!

LOS ANGELES – Oct. 16, 2018 – PRLog — Actor / Singer Tom Proctor has just signed with Wolf Entertainment founded by Hellmut Wolf for representation in Australia and Europe. Look for new announcements of upcoming projects coming soon!

Tom Proctor is no stranger to the entertainment industry, as he is an accomplished actor/producer and stunt coordinator in the tv/film world. He can be seen in the Academy Award winning film “Twelve Years A Slave,” the blockbuster Marvel film “Guardians of the Galaxy,” in the hit television shows “Justified” and “Nashville” and many other great appearances on the big and small screen.

Tom Proctor is the founding member of Tom Proctor and the A-Listers, recent winners of the KDub Country Music Awards 2018 for Best Radio Single of the Year and Song of the Year for their hit single In Hollywood off their debut album “Working Man.”

Tom Proctor and the A-Listers are also nominees in for Best Band in the PureM USA Awards 2018.

Hellmut Wolf is an accomplished musician and founder of Wolf Entertainment.

The Wolfman is an extraordinary artist whose career spans over four decades and four continents. He started as flute player and then quickly picked up the Saxophone as second instrument back in his hometown Koblenz in Germany.

The Wolfman released several albums and singles, all self produced. His style is omnipotent, ranging all the way from New Age to Rock to Funk, to Urban, to Reggae and Trance/ Dance.

​Next to being an accomplished musician and producer, Hellmut Wolf aka The Wolfman is the director of Wolf Entertainment, a multilevel music production, promotion and distribution company based in Australia

Expect great things from this incredible new collaboration,
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Tom Proctor: Guardians to The A-Listers

Tom Proctor: Guardians to The A-Listers With 70 IMDB credits to his name, Tom Proctor has appeared in films and television series such as Nashville, Lawless, Justified, Django Unchained, and Westworld. In 2014 he won Best Actor in a Short Film at the Northeast Film Festival and also won the same award at the 2018 Chandler International Film Festival. Currently, Proctor is working on three interesting projects. He and his band the A-Listers have dropped Working Man, a release with some of the most heartwarming storytelling songs on the planet. The A-Listers are a group of musicians who have worked with the … Continue reading